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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Company of Thieves Premieres August 21

Hi guys

You long-term readers may remember back to October of 2009, when I mentioned that Trish and I were both going to be working on a new short film by Portland director Shilpa Sunthankar.

The film, Company of Thieves, is finally out of post-production and is going to be playing at Portland's Hollywood Theater on Sunday, August 21 (you can find all the details at  Trish does some voiceover work in the film about a man and his relationship with right and wrong, God and the Devil.  As for me... well, I'm guessing you can tell what part I play from the photo.

I hope you'll all come out to the premiere screening - admission is free, and it's a short film (about 17 minutes or so.)  I plan on being there after finishing the Portland Century ride with my dad... so don't be surprised if I'm just a little sweaty!

Oh, what's that?  You say you want to know a little more about the film than what I've written above?  Well...

The Company of Thieves Clip: Sc 1 & 2 from PushStart Productions on Vimeo.

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