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Friday, November 25, 2005

Idaho Trip part 2

Hey everyone

Had a very nice day yesterday... we got up at about 11:00 am in Boise and packed our way out of the University Inn. Temperatures were in the mid-to-high 20's as we pulled out (the ice from our trip through the passes was still on the car in the morning), and we bundled up against the cold. We called Trish's brother Pete before we left and asked if we could bring anything... the conversation went a little like this:

Pete: "Yeah, do you guys want coffee? Bring some coffee."
Trish: "Ok, do you have a -"
Pete: "No."
Trish: "You don't have a coffee grinder?"
Pete: "No, I don't have a coffee pot. You should get some instant."

Trish hung up her cell phone and we headed to a Boise Albertsons to buy a coffee pot and coffee. Didn't cost that much, and she didn't look forward to drinking instant coffee :)

We had some breakfast at an Elmers in Boise and watched the families coming in for their Thanksgiving lunches/ dinners. Then we hit the road.

The drive to Pocatello was pretty easy and uneventful. We almost made it all the way to Pocatello on one tank of gas (well, we started in Boise at just under half a tank), but we thought better of it and pulled pulled off just outside Pocatello on the Banock reservation (great gas prices on the Rez - $2.08 a gallon!). We drove for about 15 more minutes and pulled into the Pocatello Red Lion.

We stopped to get vanilla ice cream at the convenience store by the hotel and then headed to Pete, his girlfriend Cindy and her brother Larry's place. Cindy had been cooking all day, and we had a very nice dinner of turkey, cranberries, fruit salad, oyster stuffing, sweet potatoes and deviled eggs. After dinner we sat and talked, and Pete and Trish went into the music room (Pete has his music mixing computer and amplifier in there) and sang a couple of songs. We then took off back to the reservation and met up with Pete's friend Tom Turnbull for a quick hello.

We got back to our room at the Red Lion around 11:00. The bed was very comfortable and Trish and I slept like logs! We got up at about 10 and got up and moving... we're going to meet up with Pete for coffee before we head back to Boise. The weather report says that we'll likely hit freezing rain and snow on the way up there, and on the way to Portland tomorrow, so we're going to be taking it easy.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving yesterday, and that you have a good weekend. We'll talk to you all soon...