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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Season of Giving (and other bits)

Howdy everybody! It's been around a week since I posted, and you know what that means... another bulletted list!

  • If Gary Larson, Hunter S. Thompson and Rod Serling all dropped acid, drank some absynth and worked on a project over mescaline laced munchies, they'd probably produce something like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Hit the second arrow pointing to the left above the cartoon to see some of the earlier posts... it's wacky creepy funny hoo-haw!

  • Ok, I know... it's not even Thanksgiving yet and already we've got Christmas decorations in stores, Christmas music playing in the malls, Christmas catalogs coming in the mail, Christmas ads on TV... ARUGH!!! It sucks! It's sick! I know. That being said... it's not too early to think about helping those who are down-on-their luck out during the holiday season. You probably remember that in my last post I mentioned my friends Rhonda and Paddo's yearly "Madeline's Party." I've been helping them update their web site over the past few days with some new information. Please consider coming to the party and buying a gift for an underpriveldged kid. A few bucks out of your pocket can mean the world to a child who doesn't have anything. Visit for more info.

  • Trish's production of Fifth of July got a good review in the Oregonian yesterday. You can check it out at Here. There's still one more weekend to see the show: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 7:00 PM at Theatre! Theatre! located at 3430 SE Belmont St. There's a very slight chance that I may have to go on stage for the guy playing John on Saturday night. He's flying down to California that morning and is planning to be back in time for the show. I don't think there's anything to worry about, but just in case I'm going to the show tonight to get down as much of his blocking as I can.

  • I'm also going to be appearing in a reading of George Bernard Shaw's The Devil's Disciple at Mt. Hood Rep on Monday, November 21. One night only... a great play, though, directed by Keith Scales. Do come and check it out if you've got the evening free.

That's it for now... hope you're all doing well!