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Friday, November 11, 2005

Why Does Pat Robertson Still Make Headline News?

I mean, seriously, guys... can someone explain this to me? I know the guy's rich, and he has his own TV network, but he's constantly saying stuff like this claptrap.

Of course the Rev. Pat has a long-ranging history of making statements worthy of any babbling schizophrenic standing on a streetcorner covered in his own urine (interesting to note: this link is from a Republican Blog! Strangely they don't talk about the time "God told him to run for president" in the 1980's).

So I ask you, why do his crazy pronouncements consistantly make it among the top stories on CNN? I mean, for God's sake, he's got his own TV network. Let him spout his secret messages from the heavens there, and let the "real news" deal with the "real world". Surely there must be some teenager from the US missing somewhere in the world... that so much more important, right?

Speaking of secret messages, I've got bad news for the other schizophrenics, conspiracy theorists and Joaquin Phoenix. My friend Bob Rindt sent me scientific proof that the armor of choice for the paranoid, the tinfoil hat, is really not such a great tool after all. In his words, "What happens when you mix university students (MIT no less) with sophisticated scientific equipment and *way* too much free time? Well, a generous act of public service through emperical (cough) research, of course!"

Check it out:

Pat Robertson's gonna have to have another 700 Club fund raiser to delveop new anti-liberal-mind-control technology, I guess...