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Sunday, November 13, 2005

News from New Orleans and Travel Plans (no, not to New Orleans)

Howdy all.

My good, dear friend Jill who stayed in New Orleans during the post-Katrina evacuation sent us this article about the surreal landscape that New Orleans residents are living in right now. The photos and stories we say during the disaster were horrifying and heart-rending; these stories of surviving in the aftermath are alternately funny and poignant. Check it out (you may have to put your zip code and birthday in for the Times Picayune's web site; it's just demographic info. Don't worry).

On a lighter note, you just gotta love that gol-durned internet thingee. Trish and I had a phone call last week with her brother Pete who's currently living in Trish's home town of Pocatello, ID (interesting link, here... from a site called " " Lots of demographic information, including a "Gay and Lesbian" section with a "National Index." Who knew there was a national index of Gays and Lesbians? Guess Ashcroft managed to sneak another wierd provision to the Patriot act through before he left, huh?).

So, we sat down on the laptop this afternoon and planned out our trip. Mapquest was an invaluable tool in this effort. We were able to look at the projected distance and driving time between Portland and Pocatello, and (given that Trish has a doctor's appointment at 5:30 pm on the Wednesday we plan to leave) decide to stay overnight in Boise, then drive down to Pocatello the following Thursday morning.

Next it was time to look into lodging for the trip (Pete and his girlfriend Cindy's place is pretty small, so we figured we'd get a hotel while in Pocatello... and of course, we'd need one in Boise for the trip down). Searching Expedia and showed us some of the lowest-priced hotels in the area (surprisingly, there were more inexpensive hotels listed in Boise than Pocatello). Once we found some good options, we visited the individual web sites of the hotels and, in both cases, got room rates as-low-as or lower than the rates advertised on the travel sites (in the case of the University Inn in Boise, we saved almost $10 off the Expedia price by contacting them directly).

So, in one afternoon we planned travel, booked hotels, made arrangements with Pete and Trish's son Jesse (for dog care while we're gone). Like I said above... gotta love that durned internet thingee.

Hope you're all doing well...