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Monday, March 13, 2006

Don't Forget The Parlor-Tricks!

You thought that after that big long post over the weekend you were going to dodge the political bullets I'm wont to fire, huh?

Fat chance.

Finally someone in congress is officially
taking a stand against Bush's illegal domestic spying and inept conduct in office. Unfortunately, it appears that the AP got Jeff Gannon to write the story on Feingold's call for censure (a surprising number of people haven't heard of Jeff Gannon. For more on him, see his Wikipedia entry and, to be fair - and show you just how slanted his "reporting" is - his own web site).

Feingold's not the only Congressman who's working to eject our neo-Fascist President from office, however... John Conyers has been building a groundswell of public and congressional support for articles of impeachment he's drafting. As he said in a recent notice,

There was overwhelming public support for pursuing a case
against Richard Nixon, while these same conditions did not exist when the
Republicans tried to impeach President Clinton. Public opinion is on our side
and now is the time to make a difference.

To sign on as a "citizen co-sponsor" of his impeachment effort,
click here.

All of this means nothing, however, if the neo-Con's maintain their stranglehold on the two houses of Congress. Feingold and Conyers can draft all the articles they want, but as long as the Republicans are in the majority they'll go nowhere. That's why those of us who believe power-change is necessary in Washington need to be focused on the mid-term elections this fall. Even if you're a Republican, you have to admit that our system of government is founded on debate and on checks-and-balances. We don't have that right now; as long as a single party controls both the Legislative and Executive branch of the government, there will be no oversight and whoever's in power (Democrats or Republicans) get a blank-check to do whatever they want.

That's why it's imperative that we elect Democratic members of congress this year. Click here to find your state Democratic party (click your state on the map graphic at the top of the page), and then find out what you can do to help remove some republicans from Congress. I'm no great fan of the Democratic party; they've done plenty of things I've disagreed with. This time, however, even those of us who support third-parties need to get an opposition majority into congress to stop this one-party rule.

I know, I know... I'd better be careful what I say. After all, the FBI is already reading my email and watching what I do online. Don't believe me? Click here!

Seriously, though, as the clock keeps ticking down on mad King George II's reign of error, things are getting nastier and nastier. Check out this woman in California who was fired from her job simply because she had a progressive talk-radio bumper sticker on her car. It's creepy how the conservo-bots keep forgetting little things like the constitution allows us to think and say whatever we want to. Oh wait, I forgot... the constitution's just a "piece of paper."

Remember, my friends, "all that evil requires to flourish is for good [people] to do nothing."