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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Who's That At The Top Of The Yard And Garden Show Site?

Hey guys!

Check this out: The Portland Yard and Garden Show. Do you recognize that lady at the top of the page?

Trish just got copies of the posters that are going up in area nurseries and home improvement stores, too... it's a big 14" x 22" horizontal piece with her face firmly displayed.

She says they could have used the same face to sell Depends or bladder control medicine. I dunno... I think she should relax and savor the moment, myself :)

In other news, check THIS out: Supreme Court Upholds Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law. We really got this one in under the wire... if Alito had been on the bench, he, Roberts, Scalia and Thomas might have been able to gang up on Breyer and changed his mind. There's still time to let your senators know how you feel about Alito getting on the Supreme Court - Find their number and call them, send them an email, sign petitions... do what you need to do to make your voice heard and keep this guy off the court. If he gets in, he's in for LIFE - that's probably another 30 years or so that he and these NeoCon wack-jobs can continue to shift the United States into fascism.

We had our first Readers Theatre performance of 2006 last night... Rashomon by Fay and Michael Kanin, directed by Deb Lund and performed by most of the original cast from Theatre Vertigo's 2001 production. It was a great reading... Deb did some wonderful stuff to isolate the scenes in the play in diferent areas on the stage, and there was even a sword fight :)

Katie, Frank, Bostin, Doug & Russ... I haven't forgotten about your emails, and I'm not ignoring you... really! I promise I'll write to you all!

Gotta run!