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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy Winter-een-mas!

Hey folks!

Winter-een-mas starts tomorrow. Is it a "real" holiday? Well, it depends on how "real" you make it. I'm certainly planning on celebrating my own way in between rehearsals.

I'm doing another murder mystery gig for Wild Bills this weekend - "The Case of the Maltese Monkey." It's an old script that hasn't been done much in recent years, so we'll all be learning it fresh over the next couple of days. Kind of a take-off on film noir and the tough-guy private detectives championed by Raymond Chandler, Dashell Hammet and the like.

I'm also getting ready for a series of Standardized Patient sessions at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and OHSU. Frequent visitors to the 'blog have seen descriptions of these sessions in the past - essentially I memorize a "case" and play a patient suffering from condition or another. Medical students interview and examine me as part of their final exams.

Still searching for the right project... I joked to Trish last night that if I don't get cast in a play or film soon, I'll be home on Superbowl Sunday for the first time in years (I can't remember the last Superbowl Sunday that didn't involve me sitting in a theatre rehearsing something or another. Since I'm not that into football, I don't really care... but there are always other people around me complaining about it).

I auditioned Sunday for a film trailer... not a film, mind you. Just the trailer for the film which hasn't been produced yet. The producers are going to shoot a trailer first, then use that as a marketing tool to try and get financial backing to shoot the whole feature. It's actually not that uncommon a practice in the industry... trying to get people to buy into your film project is a dicey proposition, and it's always good to have a visual aid to help you "make the pitch."

So... that's what's going on at this point in my life. Hope you're all doing well...