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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Want To Be In A Test Audience?

Hey folks

Do you Portland-dwellers want to be in one of those movie "test audiences" you keep hearing about (you know, the ones that help the filmmakers determine how the final cut of a film should look)?

I received this yesterday from Raymond Steers, the director of Sum Of The Parts, the feature I shot this summer:

Hello All-

There is a high possibility that McMenamins will let us use the MissionTheater to hold a private screening for "Sum of the Parts".

Mission Theater

1624 N.W. Glisan

Portland, OR 97209

The films running time is currently 2 hours long and therefore to makethis happen the theater will need to have at least 30 people there inthe hope that at least a few of them will buy a beer or two.

This will be a rough cut of the film with a questionnaire to be filledout if attendees would be so kind. I need to get an objective idea aboutwhat to adjust before we begin film festival submissions.

Please be aware that this is an "R" rated film. If you are squeamishabout violence or uptight about sex don't attend.

McMenamins is telling me that around 2pm is the time they can work with.The more people we can get there (please invite your friends!) the morechance that we can get the showing moved from a weekday afternoon (hardto attend i know) to a weekend.

Now, I'm going to own-up to the nerves I'm feeling at the prospect of people seeing what I've done in this film... but by the same token, I think that Ray can use some outside perspective to help him craft the final cut of the film.

So... are you interested in seeing the movie and filling out a questionnaire? If so, send me a message at letting me know what days and times in September would be best. I'll forward it on to Ray and he'll put together the final showing.

Hope I see you there (I'll be hiding in the back trying not to look at how awful I am on the screen).