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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Is It Too Late For A Year-In-Review Post?

Yeah... in my opionion, it is.

One of the great things about keeping a blog like this one is that we don't have to keep up what Martin Mull calls an annual white person tradition - the Christmas letter. You know, that four page xeroxed letter that your aunt and grandparents sent out with their Christmas cards every year, listing the accomplishments and trials of everyone in your family?

Oh no... thankfully we now have the internet - that series of tubes that informs everyone in the world who care (all 12 of you) about every little mundane detail of our lives. All hail tha interwebs - one big cascading pile of Christmas letters. Yippeeeee!!!!

Of course, that theory gets blown to pieces when you consider the frequency of my postings. Heck, december was a good month... I think I got five whole posts up there in one month! Lookit me go, Ma! That's more'n a post a week! I'm like greased lightnin'!

All right, enough of that... I'm only half joking. If you've been following my infrequent posts here and my bulletins on MySpace, you know that 2006 was a pretty darned good year for Trish and I. We broadened our horizons in the film world quite a bit, kept our faces and names present in Portland's theatre world, kept very busy with our assorted day-jobs, and we didn't see much of each other.

So, yeah... a good year. Except for that last part... that's the part we've been working on over the past couple of weeks. Spending more time with each other while we can, because we know that our time will fill up quickly enough as 2007 gets into gear (more on that later). We've been taking the couple of weeks since Christmas to get caught up on a lot of lazy-time... we've done what little we need to do to keep official operations going around the house (got our year-end financial information put together and get ready for the coming year, showed the duplex to a prospective buyer, made dinner, did laundry ... those kinds of things) but for the most part the past couple of weeks have been "down." And it's been great.

Trish's son Jesse and his girlfriend Jessie came over for Christmas dinner with Jessie's son Duncan (Jessie made an AMAZING garlic stuffed prime rib... we all ate until we couldn't see straight). Then, Trish and I took an impromptu visit out to the coast for my Birthday. Our friends Walter and Beth came down from Seattle and spent the couple of days around New Year's with us. And, in between all that, we've stayed inside with the fire going enjoying each others company. It's been a good thing.

We've even been exploring a new online realm... our friends in Paragon City are going to consider us traitors when they read this, but we've been been exploring the world of Azeroth on the Misha server since Christmas, thanks to a couple of free trials Trish got us for the holiday.

As much fun as all that is, though, our time is going to fill up. A glass is meant to be filled, after all... and our schedules are already lining up for the first part of the new year:

>> Trish is still doing Aditional Dialogue Recording for The New Scarf, a Late Bloomer Production she shot last year. The mikes in a few of the scenes didn't pick up all the dialogue, so she's been working with Director of Photography David Fuller on re-recording her dialogue in his studio. It's painstaking work, as anyone who's done ADR will tell you... but they're getting it all down, and the project's getting closer to completion.

>> I just got cast in a reading for a new film to be produced by Wild Line Films called Sellin Helen. I'm not officially cast in the film, as yet... this is a reading of the script so the screen-writers and producers can hear the lines read by actors, to help them figure out which parts of the project might need work. It's kind of an audition for the full feature, though... so I'm looking forward to that.

>> I'm also going to be meeting sometime this week or next with Jerry Makare (Oi!) of Fenian Entertainment about his new project, The Yard. You can read about it on Fenian's blog - I read an early draft of the script and am very excited about it.

>> Thom Bray, the theatre teacher at Sunset High School in Beaverton, recently contacted me about choreographing some fights for their production of Oklahoma that's rehearsing right now. If he decides that he wants to work with me I'll be spending some afternoons out in Beaverton (rehearsals, at least in this early part of the process, are from 3 - 6).

>> Trish is gearing up to audition actresses for Uncommon Women and Others, her next directoral project. The dates haven't been set for auditions, but she's going to try to hold them before January 22nd because...

>> We're going to Hawaii for a week on the 22nd to visit our good friend Marnice. She moved out there a few years ago and has been asking us to come visit for a while... we'd originally planned on going out to see her in November, but Trish's part in Inspecting Carol got in the way of that. Now we're going to go spend some time with her, no matter what! Neither of us have ever been to the Islands (let alone Maui, specifically) so it'll be a new experience for us both. We're really looking forward to it.

>> There won't be much time to relax and get re-set to mainland time when we get back, though... NCNM's Graduate Proficiency Exams start on January 29th. This is the NCNM version of the Standardized Patient gigs that Trish and I do for other medical schools, where we play a patient with some condition or other and are interviewed by student doctors. Trish runs these exams, though, as well as (occasionally) acting as a patient. Because they're starting so soon she'll have to recruit the actors and train them, oversee the "scripts" the actors will use (really more "patient profiles" than true scripts - a kind of one-page summary of who this person is and what his/her symptoms are), and set up the schedule of the sessions. She'll be working on the GPA's almost as soon as we hit the ground at Portland International Airport.

>> I've got my own Standardized Patient gig coming up immediately after we return from Hawaii, in Roseburg. This one is for the National Institute of Health, as part of its clinical trial program. I'm going to be playing a pain killer addict who comes to a Roseburg clinic for treatment. The MO is much the same as what I've described above, except this will be much more in-depth. This patient has about 30 pages of background I have to learn.

So... with all that to look forward to, we're making the most of our "down" time before the squeeze begins. As with everything else, lazy-time is a fleeting comodity... you have to grab it while it's still around :)

Hope you're all doing well, and looking forward to a great 2007.