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Saturday, December 16, 2006

To Eugene and Back (and Eugene and Back)

Hi Folks

I've been burning up the miles this week... had three murder mysteries in the course of two days, with one in Eugene, OR (about 110 miles south of Portland). Then, this morning, I had to go back to Eugene to shoot a bit for an instructional video (an "industrial," for those of you in "the biz") on diversity in the workplace. Hopefully I'll be able to get a copy of it so I can post my bit on

The shoot went great, by the way... if you ever get a chance to work with Will Doolittle at Moving Image Productions, take it. He and his crew run a tight ship; they got me in, I did my bit, and I was out the door inside of an hour. A very efficient shoot!

Boy am I glad I bought that Prius last year... getting 40+ miles to the gallon has really taken the sting out of all the driving I've been doing this week.

Incidentally, when I logged into Blogger to post this I saw that a post I made earlier in the week wasn't "active," so none of you got a chance to see it. It's below this one.

Hope you're all doing well...