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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

For The Last Time, I Don't Look Like Alec Baldwin!!

Apparently, I look like Scott Bakula. Who knew?

God Bless MySpace. If it wasn't there, my friend Dawson wouldn't have a page, and I wouldn't have seen this nifty facial recogition site because of it.

Of course, if this is the best our facial recogition software can do, I wouldn't be stampeding to put it in the airports just yet. I mean, come on... Ben Stiller? Yeah, I really want these programs figuring out of that's me or Osama Bin Ladin walking down the concourse.

In case you didn't know who these people are (I didn't know Joques Rogge or Kian Egan, myself):

Scott Bakula

Jacques Rogge

Kian Egan

Ben Stiller

Lou Diamond Phillips (no relation, I think)

Isaac Hanson

Jared Leto

David Schwimmer