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Monday, January 08, 2007

A Sheaf of Self-Promotional Sweetness

Hey all

After that big, long-winded post yesterday, you'd think I was all talked out. I think I can muster the strength, though, to let you know that:

>> Yesterday as Trish and I ate lunch and were flipping through the chanels, we saw the Tricounty Temp Control spot I shot last month. So, I guess it's running... keep an eye out during commercial breaks on the cable chanels (assuming you're a Comcast subscriber in the Portland area). I've asked the director for a copy of the spot - when I get it I'll post it on - it'll be a good excuse to finally get my Video section added to the site.

>> Speaking of, I posted some new photos over the weekend from Jingle Spree and L.E.A.D. You can see them in the "Production" section of the Photos area.

>> Aaaaand... while we're on the subject of video, you can find me in the trailer for a film I shot last year Called How To Breathe by clicking here. Don't you dare blink, though... if you do you'll probably miss me :) More trailers can be found in the "Watch" section of

>> Wait! One more! I'm not in this trailer for Dark Horizon, a movie I shot last summer... but it is pretty nifty, and they're getting close to finishing the final cut. Thought you'd like to see it.

That's it for now... hope you all have a good week!