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Friday, July 20, 2007

If The Funk Don't Come To You, Go To The Funk

Remember these guys? You may not remember listening to their music (though, if you haven't, you've missed out), but you probably remember seeing their photos in your parents' record collection.

Ok, ok... sigh... from your grandparents record collection?

Either way, Earth Wind and Fire's influence can still be heard in today's r&b songs, and their music really stands the test of time.

This is my last birthday present for Trish this year. EWF is still going strong, and they're going to be at the Spirit Mountain Casino tonight and tomorrow night, so we're heading west in a couple of hours to go see the show. They're going to leave the funky 70's costumes behind, I'm sure (they're looking more like this these days)... but the funky bass and Maurice and Phillip's vocals are still going to be there. We actually saw them down in Salem, OR a few years back, and they sounded just as good as they did on their Greatest Hits album.

So, even if you're not going to join us at the show (they, tickets are still available!) take a moment and remember that great 70's sound that EWF exemplified. Pop in that Kool and the Gang CD, dust off The Comodores album that's been sitting in your garage... or just click here and listen to a little radio station I put together. It'll put a bounce back in your step for the weekend :)

Remember, "You're a shining star/ No matter who you are/ Shining bright to see/ what you can truly be (what you can truly be!)"