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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Anyone Headed To Zurich This May?

Hey folks

Just a quick post before I head out the door to my first appointment of the day... I got an email from director Scott Cummins this morning. The short film I was part of for last year's 48 Hour Film Competition, Secret Identity Crisis, has been selected by the Pink Apple Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland. So, if anyone happens to be headed to Zurich on or around May 3rd, you might want to pop by the Arthouse Theaters to check it out.

"Innocent Bystander #2" will be developing an international fan-base... you just wait and see! :)

Trish and I had a great time last night doing "Capone's Place" for Wild Bills' Murder For Sale division. The show was at the Resort at the Mountain up in Welches (on Mt. Hood), and the resort staff treated us really well. We kept the clients, a forklift sales and rental company, laughing throughout the evening, so I think the show turned out all right. It was snowing by the end of the evening (big fluffy flakes), so I think we got off the mountain in the nick of time!

Tonight it's off to Damascus, OR for the first Outbreak rehearsal in the location we'll be filming most of the scenes at. We're getting pretty serious now - up til this point we've been going over scenes in Chris and Lynn's (the director and producer, respectively) living room; starting tonight, though, it's hands-on-high-intensity rehearsal. Jerry Buxbaum, one of the area's top stunt directors, will be on-site to start working us up on the action, and we may even have a zombie or two to try and avoid.

Well, that's it for now... there'll be another update soon, I'm sure! Hope you're all doing well...