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Friday, August 01, 2008

"On Paper Wings" Is Taking Flight

Howdy folks

Well, this is turning out to be quite a good week for Trish! First she got cast in Key Productions' upcoming staging of Craig Lucas' Prelude To A Kiss, then she got this email from Ilana Sol, the director of On Paper Wings (a documentary on Japan's World War II baloon bombs that Trish provided narration for).

Hi Everyone,

The Portland premiere of my documentary film “On Paper Wings” is finally here! There will be ten screenings in August at The Hollywood Theatre as a part of their Summer Documentary Series. It will be shown as a double feature, paired with the film “Passing Poston”, so you’ll get two films for the price of one. Screening info is below. (note: I also posted it on -Harold)

One potential point of confusion that I’d like to clarify: In the coming weeks, OPB is going to be airing a balloon bomb related program with a title similar to my film. While I always encourage people to watch OPB, I just want to make sure everyone knows that this is NOT my film. Despite the balloon bomb related content, the two are very different films with different subject matters. “On Paper Wings” focuses on a specific incident in Oregon’s history in which a Japanese balloon bomb claimed the lives of the only people killed on the continental U.S. as the result of enemy action during WWII. It is told by the Oregonian and Japanese citizens who were directly affected by this incident, and tells how they all united and reconciled forty years after the war. So, please know that the only place to see “On Paper Wings” in the coming weeks is at The Hollywood Theatre. Here is the screening info:

“On Paper Wings” and “Passing Poston”

Dates: August 9th – 12th & August 16th – 17th

Location: The Hollywood Theatre

Times: The following times are tentative and will be solidified early next week:

Saturday and Sunday, August 9th – 10th: 12:15pm & 3:00pm

Monday and Tuesday, August 11th – 12th: 7:00pm

Saturday and Sunday, August 16th – 17th: TBA (Matinee Shows)

... You can also double check showtimes on my website:, or at the Hollywood Theatre website: I will be attending all screenings for Q&A sessions.

For additional screening details, or to find out more about my film, please check out my website: We’ve got a lot of screenings coming up, including showings at the New York Peace Film Festival, the Red Rock Film Festival in Utah, and plenty of screenings across Oregon and Washington. “Passing Poston” looks like it is going to be a great film about the WWII Poston internment camp in Arizona. I have put a link to the film on my website, so you can find out more about the film there.

And finally, I just want to thank everyone who has come out and shown their support at my rough cut screenings. A lot of work has been done on the film since the screening last October. Many of you asked how you could support the film in the future, and please feel free to spread the word about these upcoming screenings to all of your friends.

Thank you so much for your support,

Ilana Sol

Director: “On Paper Wings”

(“On Paper Wings” was produced in partnership with Film Action Oregon, and has been funded in part with assistance from the Oregon Heritage Commission, the Regional Arts and Culture Council, and the Oregon Council for the Humanities.)

So, there ya go! Everyone who saw the screening in October was really moved by the film, and very complimentary about Trish's voice work on it. If you get a chance, drop by the Hollywood Theater this month and check it out!