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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

12 Posts of Christmas: Holiday Travels

Just for the record, the afore-mentioned upcoming holiday-related posts are in no way an effort to pre-load posts that will appear on the blog while Trish and I are visiting our good friend Marnice in Maui later this week and into next week. Nope. No way, Jay!

On the off chance that they show up while Trish and I are away... uh... I wrote them then. In the future, I mean. Yeah... that's the ticket...

Hey, look at that! I just wrote another holiday-themed post... knocking 12 of these suckers out will be no problem!

Well, ok... this one won't really count unless I offer some holiday travel suggestions to you - namely, try and get out this month. If you can afford to visit friends and family, please do - they'll be so happy to see you, and even though the hassle of traveling during the holidays may not appeal to you, you'll remember why you went to the effort when you see their smiles.

If you can't afford to travel (and lets face it - neither air fare or gas are cheap right now), close your eyes and take a mental trip. Go back to that time and place that feels the most like "home" to you. Smell the air... feel the temperature. If you have family members that are no longer with us, picture them there, pour a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or your libation of choice, and have a conversation with them.

Like the song says, it's so nice to be home for the holidays... don't miss out on that opportunity. If you can't get back in person, let yourself go back to a happy place and time... it'll help you remember the reason for the season.

'til next time...