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Monday, November 23, 2009

This Is The Life I Lead...

12:20 PM The phone rings. "Hi Harold, this is the producer on the short you were supposed to shoot today... yeah. We're not going to be able to get to your scene today - the first scenes of the day are taking longer than we expected to shoot, so we're going to have to reschedule."
"Oh, ok... well, cool. Call me when you wrap for the day and we'll talk about when we can re-schedule."
12:30 PM "Hey Trish... looks like I don't have a shoot today after all!"
"Great! Can you drive me, my sister and our friends who are going to see Hats down to the PCPA so we don't have to pay for parking?"
"Sure! Why not?"
12:35 PM Hm... A text message from my friend and frequent collaborator Mercedes Rose. "Hey! When do you wrap shooting today?" "Well, actually, my shoot got cancelled today. What's up?"
12:36 PM The phone rings. "Hey, it's Mercedes! So... __________ was supposed to shoot a short with me tonight, but he's sick and isn't able to do it. Wendy, the producer, asked if I know anyone... are you available?" "Uh... well, sure!" "Hey, Trish..."
12:40 PM "Hi, Harold! It's Wendy Downing! It's been a long time since we worked together... hey, Mercedes says you might be able to step in for our sick actor. Here's the details, and the location... can you come down right away to meet the production team? Oh, and you should probably bring some wardrobe options, too." "Uh... yeah. Just let me get my wife, her sister, and their friends to the play they're going to see... oh! And I'll have to leave set for about an hour so I can pick them up and bring them home - would that be ok?" "You mean you have to be wrapped in time to take them home?" "Oh no! I'll come back once I've taken them home - I just need an hour or so to deliver them." "Oh, ok... that'll be fine!"
12:45 PM Shave! Comb hair into more appropriate style for the character! Check my "go bag" to be sure I've got the standard equipment packed - black socks, t-shirt, towel, comb, etc.! Throw some some sweaters on top, a different colored pair of shoes, a different colored belt. Throw some shirts and pants into my garment bag. Pack it all in the car as Trish's sister and their friends start to arrive at the house.
1:10 PM Pack all six of us into my Prius (a tight fit but we manage) and drive to the PCPA. Find out when to pick them up. Drive to location and meet the production team. Work with the wardrobe person to find the clothing options.
2:55 PM Leave set to pick up Trish from Hats, which is slated to let out at 3:15.
3:15 PM Park and wait.
3:20 PM Still waiting. Text message from the producer of the short I was supposed to shoot proposing re-schedule dates.
3:30 PM Pick up Trish, her sister and their friends and get them home
4:05 PM Head back to set (stopping to get Mercedes Diet Coke - a must for my good friend when she's on set.
4:30 PM Arrive back at set, start shooting...
6:00 PM Lunch Break. Text message from Steve Coker re: Dex Dixon. Call him back, leave a message about talking tomorrow.
8:00 PM Shooting. Email from producer of the short I was supposed to shoot earlier - the proposed dates won't work for one of the other actors. Check my schedule on the Blackberry and give him other open dates in the next couple weeks.
12:30 PM Shooting wraps - a great time had by all, and great footage captured. Time to go home...
1:00 AM "Oh, Trish, sorry! Didn't mean to wake you up! Let me just put out the garbage for the morning pickup and I'll join you in bed..."
There ya go. Just a day in the life... not an uncommon day, in fact. Thankfully, I answered the phone, had my "go bag" packed, and was able to make the time for an opportunity when it came my way...
But now, really. I'm headed for bed.

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