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Saturday, December 12, 2009

12 Posts of Christmas: Sounds of the Season

I know, I know... here it is mid-way through December and you've probably been surrounded by Christmas music since Thanksgiving! Every shop you walk in to has it blaring, there's at least one radio station in every market that plays it 24 hours a day.

A lot of you are sick to DEATH of Christmas music being forced down your throat - and I don't blame you! Might I humbly suggest, however, that you might not get sick of Christmas music... if you picked the music yourself? It might be that you're tired of hearing Nat King Cole singing "The Christmas Song," but a chilled-out version by Six Finger might be more your cup of tea. You might be ready to fly into a murderous rage if you hear Bill Haley and the Comets sing "Jingle Bell Rock" one more time, but how would Hall and Oates' treatment of the song fit your mood?

Let me get you started with this Pandora Christmas station that I started: it's an eclectic mix of standards and more... exotic Christmas faire. If you like a song it plays, click the "thumbs up" button at the lower-right of the song's box. If you don't like the song, click the "thumbs down" button at the lower-left - and you won't hear that song again. Create your own mix of holiday music and see if that helps put you in the spirit... who knows; you might like a song so much that you want to buy it for your own collection (you can do that from the "Menu" section at the bottom of the song's box).

Hope that helps keep your jingle-bells jinglin'...