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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Animus Cross News

Hey folks

A lot of you have been contacting me through various mediums asking me what's happening with the western fantasy Animus Cross.

Things have been pretty quiet in 1860's Idaho since we launched the official Series II teaser on in November of last year; yes, I asked you to submit the series to the 2010 streamy awards back in December, but otherwise there hasn't been a lot of talk about where Series II is in the "pipeline."

Since the birth of Amanda and Jerry's son Trone, we've been hearing rumbles from some people on the internet; they're suggesting that the launch of Series II would be delayed due to the new addition to the family. Well, Amanda put everyone's fears to rest in a recent post on the Oregon Film Office's new Confluence blog - you can see that post by clicking here .

So, it's official - launch of "Hell For The Company" is on schedule for later this month. I'll be sure to let you know when an exact date is announced - keep an eye on the ol' blog here, or even better - get the news straight from the source by becoming a fan of the series on Animus Cross' Facebook Page.

You know me... once I know something, I'll definitely spread the word! Hope you're all doing well...


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