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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Leverage Season 2 Is Out On DVD!

Ha! Fooled ya! I know, I know... you figured "It's the last Wednesday of the month, Harold will probably have a post on his blog about the latest episode of Animus Cross Series II..." Well, I figured that I'd already warned you that Episode 2 of "Hell For The Company" was going to launch today in my last post - no sense in overdoing it, right?

No, today I wanted to let you know that if you missed my appearance on the season finale of TNT's hit show Leverage back in February, you can now see my episode ("The Maltese Falcon Job") and the rest of Season Two on DVD. TNT just released the show's second season on DVD yesterday - pop on by the Store section of and pick up a copy.

I also put a link up to Amazon's stream of "The Maltese Falcon Job," in case you just want to watch the episode I'm in... but it's part 2 of the season finale, and wouldn't you like to see both parts to get the proper context? Of course you would... and I'm not just saying that because your DVD purchase will go towards any residuals I get for my work on the show. Nope. No way! Not at all...

Hope you're all doing well...


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