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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Bicycling" To Colorado Springs

Hey everyone!

If you live near Colorado Springs, you've got a chance to see Trish and I in The Bicyclists, a film we shot back in 2008.

The producers of the hit web series The Bicyclist created this big-screen feature as a "re-imagining" of the events chronicled in the webisodes. From the official web site:

"We’ve kept much of what you’ve loved about the episodes but reinvented the story. We still have the same main four characters (Conrad, Steve, Zack and Lissa), but each character changes in both small and big ways. We still have some of the same quirky comedy, but the drama goes much deeper and the story takes us to unexpected places. "

The film is part of the Indie Spirit Film Festival at Kimballs Peak Theater Three in Colorado Springs (115 E. Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs CO 80903 - click here for a map!). You've got two chances to see The Bicyclists: at 4:45 pm on Saturday, April 24 in Theater #3, or at 12:00 pm in Theater #2.

We really hope those of you in the Colorado Springs area can come out to see the film... of course, if you can't make the screenings (or you don't live in the area), remember that you can order the film on DVD from the "Store" section of

Hope you're all doing well...

-Harold (and Trish!)

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