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Monday, November 28, 2005

Idaho Trip Part 3 - The REVENGE!

... and so we're back! Actually, we got back Saturday night after a LONG day of driving, but I was too busy recuperating from the trip on Sunday and working today to post much.

Sunday we took off from Boise at about noon. We stopped at the Airport Denny's for breakfast (mmmmmmmmm... lumberjack slam...) and then hit the road. It snowed the evening before, but most of the white stuff had melted by the time we left. Still, even with the sun out, the temperature never passed 42 degrees the entire trip back. We drove through a little freezing rain before we hit the Oregon border, and I-84 was actually closed at LaGrande due to a multi-car fatality accident.

We sat and had coffee and pie in LaGrande and considered staying there overnight... about the time our piece of cherry pie was brought to us, we got word that the highway had been reopened. We had a police escort for the first 20 miles outside LaGrande... two state troopers with their lights on drove in front of the line of cars and made sure no one exceeded 40 miles an hour. It was a good thing, too... as we climbed up the mountain passes the roads kept getting icier and icier. If the cops hadn't been there keeping everyone's speed down we probably would have seen another wreck.

Once through that stretch the roads got better and the traffic opened up. We ate dinner in Biggs (0utside of Hood River) and got home at about 9:00 after checking our post office box. Thankfully we'd called Trish's son Jesse from the road and he knew we were going to be in late, so he and his girlfriend Jessie came over and fed the dogs for us... they stayed the night, too, so we had a full house as we drifted off to an exhausted sleep.

And that's the end of the Idaho Odyssey. We're pretty glad that we made the trip - it was good to see Pete and touch base with him, and it was especially nice to feel like we'd brough a little "family touch" to his Thanksgiving. Trish got a chance to meet up with an old friend from high school and visit her parents' grave in Boise, and we got to spend a lot of time together on the trip to and from. The Prius was great- a wonderful ride and we never got under 40 miles to the gallon the whole trip (we filled the 11 gallon tank four times in the 1250 mile round trip... we could have made it on three fill-ups, but we decided to play it safe).

Even so... the best thing about traveling is coming home to the familiarity of your own home, the smell of the back yard, the warm face-licks of your own dogs. It was a nice trip, but it's good to be home.

Hope you all had a good weekend... time to get to work!