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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The ULTIMATE Streaming Internet Radio Site!!!!

Hey guys

I've been meaning to share this site with you for over a month now... I first heard about it while Rachel Maddow was filling in for Al Franken on Air America while Franken was off in Iraq doing a USO tour.

Do yourselves a favor and check out This amazing site asks you to put in an artist or song that you really like, and then builds a customized streaming radio station based around the musical components contained in the song or artist's repetoir. As the songs play on the audio stream, you can tell the site if you like the song or not, and you can further refine the "station" by adding songs or artists (the site will then add even more music based on the musical components of those artists or songs). What you get is a streaming radio station full of music you like AND new music you may not have heard which has similar qualities. I've found out about a lot of new bands through this service.

Check out the Progressive Rock/ Electronica station I put together by suggesting Yes, David Lanz, Morcheeba, and Queensryche... and then try it yourself. It's a blast!

Speaking of a blast (across Tom Delay's bow, anyway), check this out: Abramoff Makes Plea Deal.
I guess Tom Delay's reelection campaign in Texas might be cut short after all... nah, who am I kidding? He'll just do what the Republican Party has been doing for the past ten years: he'll swear it didn't happen and call anyone who points out the news stories a liar.