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Friday, December 02, 2005


Hey guys!

In part 423 of our continuing series, "There's A Lot Of Wierd @#*%& on The Internet," I submit to you... the YTMND.

This is a bizarre little subculture (imagine that... a bizzarre subculture on the internet! Who'da thunk it?) that puts together single pages with looping sound files and a single image (though that image may be animated or tiled, making it appear like multiple images). You can read a complete history of YTMND here at Wikipedia, but in a nutshell it started with a photo of Sean Connery and a permenant loop of him saying "You're The Man Now Dog" (a line from Finding Forrester , written by Portland screenwriter Mike Rich and directed by Portland director Gus Van Sant. Woo hoo!).

For whatever reason, this annoying little curiosity (and it was REALLY annoying... check it out) caught the interest of people all over the internet, and they started making "tribute sites." Now, it's a full-fledged community... the pages these folks create can be humorous, strange, offensive, or motivated by current events.

Wierd stuff, that there internet... very wierd stuff.

ANNNYWAYS... I've gotten a few nice emails from people I knew in High School since my nostalgic search for high school memories across the internet. My old friend Leif Sawyer contacted me through (the inexpensive AND independant answer to Classmates, TBirds... get yerselves signed up already!), and life seems to be going well for him. Another high school friend, Frank Delaney, also sent me an email, as did Amy Lynn Lynn Vance (now Hoagland).

Still no word from John Heginbotham, though... ooOOOOOooo... Mr. Big-Time-New-York-Dancer is too busy to send emails to old high school friends! :) Nah, I think my previous intuition about how the inquiry would be received is correct:

Mark Morris Dance Company Intern: Uh, we just got an email through the general mailbox from some guy who says he went to high school with John.
Mark Morris Supervisor: What, another back-woods Alaskan who wants to suck up to the world-famous dancer? Sigh...
Intern: Yeah, this one has a 'blog and says that he wants to meet John in Portland when he does the Whitebird show in April '06.
Supervisor: Ok, ok... forward it to the anti-stalking-unit and file it under "questionable but probably violently deranged." I don't think we need to show John this when he gets back from London. Just to be on the safe side, though, double security at the airport in Portland, and circulate this photo from his 'blog.
Intern: Should we send someone to his house with pepper spray?
Supervisor: Nah, we'll wait until the Portland trip, then locate and eliminate him.

In other news, the Mt. Hood Rep Christmas Show is starting to take shape. Trish went over to Tobias' yesterday and they put the peices in order and talked about casting. I think we'll have it ready for the 19th :)

Trish and I are also going to be doing some holiday murder mysteries for Wild Bill's in the next couple of weeks... Fun stuff, and some nice extra cash, which never hurts. I'd say you should come down and see us, but Wild Bills only hires out for private events. We're the entertainment for the big corporate fat-cats, ya know.

Time to get to work... hope you're all doing well!