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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Geek Humor At It's Finest

Ahhhhh... it's a wonderful thing when you open a show, then have those first couple days of the following week and can savor a return to life's normal routine.

Some of that normal routine isn't all that fun... you have to finally get around to doing all that laundry that's been piling up, clean out the gutters, and get to those other household chores that have been piling up while you've been spending countless hours at the theatre.

Some bits of the routine, though, are quite welcome. Like my morning ritual of sitting with my morning cup of coffee and getting caught up with MySpace and the other web sites I frequent. Some people start their mornings with the paper; I check in the Associated Press (via my Netscape home page), a few blogs, and some select webcomics. To make life easier, I use to email me when these pages are updated.

I can almost always count on Something Positive to get my day started with a bang. Lately Randall Milholland has been running with a great story line. It started a while back, but picked up here.

Then moved to here.

Took a little breather here.

And the punchline of the whole thing came here (or so I thought).

See, there was still a happy, sick little denoument to be enjoyed... First this and then... wait for it...

The coup de grace.

Genius, I tell ya... sheer freakin' geek-humor genius!