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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Updating On-The-Fly...

...'cause I'm flying hard and fast these days!

Howdy everyone... been quite a while since I updated you on what's been going on in Trish and my lives. Our days - and nights - have been way full, to be sure (like, oh my gawd... TOTALLY!!!).

Before I get started though, I want to thank everyone who showed up to the Sum of the Parts test screening on Saturday, September 23rd. There were some issues with the sound (apparently the Mission Theater sound system couldn't handle all the high-compression digital sound that director Raymond Steers put into the movie), but overall the screening went well and Ray got some good feedback from the audience on ways to make the piece better before it heads to Sundance. Thanks for watching and for all the feedback, guys.

So... here's what's been happening over the past couple of weeks:

>> Theatre: Trish opens The Witches at Northwest Children's Theatre on Friday! She's neck-deep in the tech rehearsal process (the part of the process where they add in all the lights, sound, costumes, etc), so I'm not seeing much of her these days. The show should be a lot of fun; there's lots of special effects, spooky witches, kids being transmogrified, and even... radio controlled mice? It's really worth trying to get in to see this one. Trish plays the young male lead's grandmother, and is in a big chunk of the show. The play runs just about an hour, so it's a good length for the kids (NWCT says that it's "recommended for 6 and up"). It's only up for a month, though, from October 6 - 29. You can click here to buy tickets online from the NWCT web site.

If Trish weren't in tech for the The Witches, I still wouldn't see much of her because of my own rehearsal schedule for the upcoming Jingle Spree at the CoHo Theatre. We've had a bit of a shake-up in the show's personnel, but it's all for the best. Lorraine Bahr, who was directing the show, has had some family issues in Minnesota and wasn't able to come back out for the last couple weeks of rehearsal. Thankfully Antonio Sonera has stepped in to shape the show and get it ready for its world premier (gulp) next Friday. I love working with Tony, and his vision is really helping us to put more depth into the process. We're working intensely, though, as tech week comes at us like a speeding bullet. I'm already out at the theatre until 11pm every night this week... I'm sure next week will see me staggering home at 12 or 12:30. Good times!

So, just as Trish gets to catch her breath after opening her show, I go into tech for mine... but Trish doesn't get much time to relax. She's going right into rehearsals for Inspecting Carol at Artists Repertory Theatre the Monday after her opening weekend. Needless to say, I won't see a lot of her even after MY show opens... but at least with both the shows open, I may be able to get to some of the laundry that's been piling up. Oh, the glamorous life of the actor!

>>Film: As I mentioned above, Raymond Steers is busily re-working Sum of the Parts for its submission to Sundance. He's been working with the 40+ feedback forms and the copious notes taken by others in the audience Saturday-before-last to tighten up the film and try and trim about 30 minutes off of the running time. I'm anxious to see what the final result ends up looking like.

We wrapped shooting on Chris Herman and Screaming Inside Films' L.E.A.D. on September 24th. We were originally scheduled to shoot my last scene in the film Friday the 22nd, but at the last minute the producer lost the location were slated to film at. This left the crew scrambling to find a new location, and a new day that would work for everyone. Thankfully, the folks at the Rake Gallery in Portland's Perl District allowed us to shoot the final scenes in their space after hours. So, I jetted over there on Sunday the 24th at around 8 PM (after a five hour Jingle Spree rehearsal). I was there until about 2:30 am... ah the glamorous life of the actor. I can't complain too much, though... the rest of the actors and crew were there until around 6 am. The film should be shown at the Hollywood Theatre in early December as part of an evening of Art Institute of Portland senior projects. It may very well have a life after that as well... I'll keep you posted.

That's pretty much it for what's going on right now... Trish and I aren't seeing much of each other as our day-jobs have gotten excessively busy, and we're both rehearsing in the evenings. We're really looking forward to getting both our shows open so we can spend an evening together... just for something different.

Time to hit the sack... hope you're all doing well!