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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back In The Yard

Hey there folks

Just got word that The Yard, a short film I appeared in last year, has won three Telly Awards. Jerry Makare won a bronze for the writing, Chris Davis won a silver for editing, and Galvin Collins won a silver for the cinematography.

I can't really take much credit for the awards... I just wore a suit and said Jerry's lines. Still, it's nice to be part of an "award wining short," and it's especially nice to see these guys recognized for their work. I'm really glad I got to know the whole Screaming Inside crew, and I'm looking forward to working with them in the future (in fact, I'll be working with Galvin and Chris on my next film, Crackin' The Code).

In other news... Oregonians need to remember to put a 1 cent stamp (or the new "Forever Stamp") on your ballot evelope before mailing it in (remember, the election is on May 20th, less than a week away!). This is an important election; don't let your vote get lost in the mail!

For you non-Oregonians, we hold all our elections by mail now... it really gives us time to digest our voter's pamphlet at the "kitchen table" (to use a cliche') ballot-in-hand. We take our voting seriously in these parts... as our Voter Bill Of Rates indicates :) It's printed on one of the first pages of our voter's pamphlet.

Finally, you pug lovers out there might want to join Trish and I this Sunday at the MacTarnahan's Taproom at 2730 NW 31st here in Portland for the annual Pug Crawl! It's the social event of the year for little snorty, curly-tailed dogs... we've heard about it for years, but this is the first year our girls will be attending. Should be a blast!

Off to the gym (no, not this one... THIS one!)... hope you're all doing well!