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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Steaming Plate Full Of Me!

Oh, come on... that title could have been a LOT worse... at least it was a steaming plate and not a steaming... oh, never mind.

So, things have been pretty quiet around here lately... well, for the past week anyway. Since finishing up my NIH/ OHSU gig, there hasn't been a lot going on. An audition here, a day-job appointment there (though, it must be said, even those are slowing down... the worstening economy is hitting us all)... but, generally speaking, not much has been going on.

Until this weekend. Things started heating up on Friday, and the pot's been at a slow boil ever since. To wit:

>> Episode 4 of Animus Cross is online at and is ready for viewing!!

Episode 4 ends the Hell Runs This Way serial that introduced the audience to the world of Animus Cross. Our hope is that viewers appetites have been whetted for further journeys into frontier Idaho. If you've enjoyed the first four "webisodes," please stop by the Animus Cross Blog and let series creator A.L. Steen know that you'd like to see more. Please ask your friends to do the same - the more people asking for more, the more likely Amanda is to convince funders to contribute to future episodes.

>> If you live near Beloit Wisconsin, or you happen to be going near the area, you've got two chances to see me in Sum of the Parts- a techno-thriller that's slowly beginning to gain attention on the festival circuit. You might remember that the film had its festival premier at Kentucky's Fright Night Film Festival back in June of last year... since that time, producer C.K. Lichenstein has been working hard to get the word out about the film. The film will show twice during the festival - details about the individual screening times (and maps to the venues) can be found at

More information on Sum of the Parts can be found at the official press release, located here. Take a look!

>> Finally, I'm going to be back on the radio... sort of. I'll be a guest on Mercedes Rose's new internet radio show The Quasi-Glamorous Life this coming Monday, February 16th at 1PM PST. The Quasi-Glamorous Life deals with the realities of being a working actor (and and anyone who knows Mercedes knows she's the perfect person to talk about that stuff- the girl works constantly!). Be sure to visit on Monday to hear Mercedes and I talk about our crazy lives... if you can't listen live, you can find archive podcasts at the bottom of the page.

So, as you can see, my down-time won't last long. It never seems to...

Well, that's it for me tonight. I've actually got a lot more to talk about, but I've got an audition in the morning that I have to get rested up for. More soon!

Hope you're all doing well...