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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alaska Cruise - Day 3 and 4

Howdy folks

Just a quick note today from Skagway - the satelite internet connection I'm using at the local internet cafe won't allow me to upload too many photos... I've got tons more (of course)

**EDIT: I'm re-arranging all the cruise photos in our Photobucket gallery, so the slide-shows that were embedded in these posts have been disabled. To see the photos, visit
A new slide-show will be embedded in the most recent post, at the top of the page, once the re-arranging is done.

Some of the high points of the past couple of days: Cruising the Dawes glacier and seeing many many seals on the ice flows and in the water; seeing humpback whales moving up the inside passage; laughing our butts off at Judy Gold, Julie Goldman and Caroline Rhea (you'll have to google time yourselves, if you don't know them - I don't have the time left on my "rent" to link to their pages); Trish winning a place in Friday's slot machine tournament - hosted by Sharon Gless (!!!), and of course, fabulous food, fabulous people, and many many happy families who get the chance to be themselves and not hide who they really are.

Well, have to go... I'll try to post from Prince Rupert, Canada tomorrow; if not, it'll probably be Saturday before you hear from me again! Hope you're all doing well...