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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Where Will You Be On March 17th?

I know where I'll be... in Salem, talking to my state legislators about how important it is to not only get rid of the planned cuts to the Governor's Film and Video Office - but to increase funding to the Oregon Production Investment Fund!

I know, this is going to be a hard pill for some of the legislators to swallow - especially given the projected 1 billion dollar budget shortfall our state faces in 2009. Putting MORE money into any state-funded program seems counter-intuitive... but consider:

  • The film and video industry generates around $709 million per year for Oregon's economy. Every dollar in tax credits used for the incentive fund returned $1.15 to the State Treasury.

  • In 2007 out-of-state productions represented $41.3 million in direct spending in the state

  • In 2007 the Oregon film industry generated annual wages 34% higher than the state average - and film and video production created more than 13,000 jobs for Oregon workers!

The recent announcement that TNT's hit show Leverage has chosen to move production to Portland is proof that the state's production incentives are working - and as long as we can continue to fund both local and out-of-state production in Oregon, jobs and peripheral income are going to continue to come our way!

Peripheral income? Look, hotels, restaurants, antique stores, cell phone companies, dry cleaners, car rental agencies, lumber yards, and paint stores are just a few of the Oregonian industries that get some of the money that comes in with these out of state productions... and lets not forget tourism! When Twilight shot in the state, local restaurants and hotels saw a huge increase in business when Twilight fans from other states and countries visited. Astoria, Oregon, has 200 people per month visit sites The Goonies - and that's a nearly 25 year old film!

So, on Tuesday March 17, I'll be answering this call from the film office:

Lobby for more film & media production at Industry Day

It's time to
sign up to be present at the capital:
March 17th
Industry Day

The Oregon film and media industry is making itself visible at the State Capital on
Tuesday, March 17, from 10am to 4pm. This will include displays as well as
availability of film industry members in the Galleria of the Capital

Your involvement is crucial!

Please make a commitment to participate at the State Capital by sending your RSVP to:

This is our opportunity to put a face on our industry, to meet with legislators and ask for
support of the upcoming senate bill, which increases the Production Investment
Fund, as well as illustrate the number of workers who rely on this industry.
There are a number of displays in the Galleria planned with contributions from
OMPA and education, union and other industry members throughout Oregon.

What we need at this time is your commitment from folks to be in attendance at the Capital starting at 10am. During the day we would like to have people plan to
visit their individual legislators, visit key committee members and to be in the
Galleria to answer questions from legislators and the general public as they
visit the displays.

Again, please make a commitment to participate at the State
Capital by sending your RSVP to:

Include: Name, email, phone, which association or business that you belong to, how much time you can commit to, and the names of your state representative and senator. You can look up your legislator contact info by visiting the Legislative web site.
The address for the State Legislature page is:

This event will be most successful if we can have participation from all areas
of the state. The goal is to put Oregon faces on an industry that operates in
all legislative districts.

Will you join me? Will you be there to remind the legislature that programs that actually create jobs and bring money into the state are worth investing in, even during hard times?

I hope I see you there...