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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Wasteland Is Alive And Kicking (And Still Coming!)

Hey Folks

More than every-once-in-a-while, I get asked about the status of Lady Wasteland. The series, which garnered fans around the world (particularly in the US, Asia, and Europe) helped to set a new standard for web series production, and people are hungry for more. It's been a while since any news was passed about production of the second series, though, and fans are starting to despair.

Don't. The Wasteland still looms before us - here's the latest bit of news from creator Mark Roush on the official Lady Wasteland Blog. We're still awaiting financing for the second series, but plans are still well underway.
And at the same time, new people are continuing to find out about the series... check out this new review from I guess I should feel privileged to be called a "stage actor..." that gives me an air of respectability, right? RIGHT?
Oh, while we're on the subject of press... I just came across this blog post from about little ol' me. I mean, really? I had no idea I was on the acerbic Mr. Wagner's radar, or that I was such a threat to Steve Carell! I guess my fame is growing... not by leaps and bounds. More like steps and hops.
Hope the old saw about there being no such thing as bad press is accurate...